It is so exciting to see the recent press coverage by some of the top media journalists and bloggers  featuring The Scentarium, and Scenterprises’ Custom Scents by Sue Phillips.  Whether you’re a music lover, a food and wine buff, a fashion guru, an art critic or simply someone who loves being an individual – then the Art of Fragrance and your Sense of Smell has a role to play in balancing and complementing all of your senses to create that extraordinary experience. Sharing my love of fragrances with individuals and groups is my raison d'etre, and through my company Scenterprises, I am able to connect with people in various ways:
  • Bespoke Perfumery –whoever you are – your personality, looks, career, family, hobbies – all of these things will influence what kind of fragrance notes you will prefer - you can have fun finding this out yourself by doing my on-line Scent Personality Quiz.
  • The Scentarium – my New York based bespoke perfumery is where you can attend a fragrance workshop, learn all about the art of perfumery and actually create your own custom scents. We.Rule (
  • Iconic Fragrances for the Stars: With Movie Zoot  ( I was invited to create 3 ‘fantasy’ bespoke perfumes for three of the most iconic movie stars that have ever lived, Katherine Hepburn, Lana Turner and Rita Hayworth– you can read the article here.
  • Niche Perfumers Earlier in the year I worked with both Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes to help them create their own bespoke perfumes – you can read about my work as a Bespoke Perfumeur in an article by CaFleurbon. (
  • Motivational Speaker – sharing the fun, education and interest that perfume engenders in people is a very powerful team-building tool. I am always delighted to be asked to share my passion and knowledge of the fragrance world and use it to create positive dynamics amongst groups of individuals. I will be speaking in February 2016 at Canyon Ranch ( – you can read more details here.
  • Being interviewed by Journalists – every magazine, newspaper, blog or internet based media has its own unique and individual viewpoint and a particular audience profile. I am always thrilled when asked by journalists to explain how fragrance could be important to their particular client base.  Here’s a recent article in Guitar Girl Magazine ( where we discuss the link between music and fragrance. My Byrdie ( also interviewed me a few weeks ago and we discussed some of the more technical aspects of perfume and how or why certain scents will last longer than others. Click here to read.
  • Custom Scents – when you have a special event, such as a wedding, what could be a more perfect way of sharing  your day with your guests than creating a custom scent yourselves for your special day and then gifting each of your guests with a sample?  Whenever they wear your special scent, they will think of you! And if they really love it, they can always re-order from my web site: Read the editorial written by the New York Post ( and my custom fragrances for Weddings.

If you’d like to create your own perfume, use fragrance as a team building tool, entertain your guests with a fabulous experience or simply learn more about the world of scent – then please get in touch – I’d love to work with you. Tel: 646-350-6562 or 917-449-1134  

22 junio 2022 — Sue Phillips

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