As a Bespoke Fragrance Designer or “Perfumeur”, my mission is to create custom scents, also referred to as bespoke or signature scents. I love fragrance and I adore sharing my knowledge and passion for scent with fragrance lovers. At my New York Perfumery, The Scentarium™, visitors schedule an appointment  and are invited to explore the fascinating world of the Art of Perfumery, to begin to understand the building blocks of a perfume and ultimately to leave with a unique fragrance that has been designed just for them. Guests experience an educational, interactive and scentertaining™ voyage of ‘scentsory’ discovery and love the outcome of leaving with their OWN bespoke fragrance.  It’s not just for women, as 40% of our clients are men. For more details on how to book a fragrance workshop at the Scentarium™, please call: 917-449-1134, email: or book on line

If you don’t live in New York, but would still like to have a bespoke perfume created just for you, I have a subscription service where you will receive 4 unique and distinct perfumes created especially for you. Once you’ve subscribed, you take my specially developed Scent Personality Quiz. Your answers to each question give an insight into the fragrance notes that you prefer and will allow me to create a beautiful and unique scent just for you. Each scent (4 per year) will be mailed to you with a unique reference code – so that you will be able to re-order it again and again from our website:  I have had rave reviews from so many of my clients who keep reordering  their  ‘bespoke perfumes’ time and time again. This way you can create and order your Bespoke Perfume or Signature Scent. How many times do you hear “Wow, I love your outfit – it’s so YOU!”? Well now you can hear “Wow, I love your perfume – where DID you get it?”!  Of course you will be able to answer – “It was designed JUST for me!” So, don’t miss out on the latest fashion trend – and if you’d like to offer someone a truly fragrant Christmas Gift – then why not offer them a Gift Certificate for a fragrance workshop at the Scentarium™? Available from my website I would love to create a bespoke scent just for you, so I look forward to hearing from you soon.



22 junio 2022 — Sue Phillips

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