Enchanted Woods


Size 20ml (0.6 fl oz)

Discover the Mystique of Enchanted Woods

Step into the mystique of Enchanted Woods, a fragrance that captures the essence of untamed elegance and adventure. This intriguing scent opens with a sensual sandalwood complemented by deep dark patchouli to awaken the senses. As the fragrance evolves, spicy notes add a thrilling edge, seamlessly blending with a rich, woodsy heart that evokes the depth and mystery of an ancient forest. Musky undertones introduce a sensual layer of depth, while the amber base provides a warm, inviting finish that lingers with refined sophistication. For those who savor the exhilarating essence of adventurous men’s fragrances like Creed Royal Oud, Enchanted Woods beckons with its captivating blend of spicy intrigue, and deep, woodsy allure. Urbane, sophisticated, mature, well groomed, this fragrance is ideal for a confident man who is comfortable in his own skin – from day to night.

Featured Notes

Smooth sensual sandalwood, coupled with mellow musky notes, exotic spicy and sexy ambergris, and deep dark smoky patchouli mossy notes proclaim that this is for you! A confident, urbane, generous individual who communicates with effortless flair, humor and imparts love, empathy, understanding.