Dark Majesty


Size 20ml (0.6 fl oz)

Unleash Your Inner Strength with Dark Majesty

Embrace the allure of Dark Majesty, a fragrance that exudes power and sophistication. This captivating scent begins with invigorating green notes, delivering a refreshing and vibrant start. As the fragrance unfolds, heady floral accords add a rich and intoxicating dimension, while a base of balsamic vanilla and amber provides a warm, creamy finish that lingers with majestic elegance and deep robust mossy notes. Dark Majesty is created for fans of powerful men’s perfumes like Creed Viking, capturing the essence of power and elegance!

Featured NotesSmoldering. Mysterious. Enigmatic. Envelop yourself in this deep, dark, sophisticated, sensual, virile fragrance – the epitome of masculinity and boldness. Effervescent green grass and hyacinth notes, combined with the smooth, royal balsamic vanilla, amber and mossy notes.Captivating and sexy gardenia envelops the mysterious, enigmatic and smoldering masculine characteristics.