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Design your signature scent with our best custom fragrance bottles.

Personalized Experience

Create a one-of-a-kind fragrance that is uniquely yours with our best custom fragrance bottles. Mix and match high-quality ingredients to tailor your scent to suit your mood and style. Express your individuality and stand out from the crowd with a custom fragrance that is as special as you are.

Long-Lasting Quality

Our custom fragrance bottles are designed to ensure your signature scent lasts all day. With premium ingredients carefully selected for their longevity, you can enjoy your personalized fragrance from morning to night without having to reapply. Make a lasting impression wherever you go with a scent that is as enduring as it is enchanting.

Unleash your creativity.

With our best custom fragrance bottles, the power to create is in your hands. Let your creativity soar as you experiment with different combinations of scents to discover the perfect blend that resonates with your unique personality. Whether you prefer floral, fruity, or woody notes, the possibilities are endless when you embark on the journey of creating your own custom fragrance.

  • Design your own fragrance.

  • Personalize your scent.

  • Create lasting memories with scent.

  • Express Yourself with Custom Fragrance

  • Signature Scent Made Just for You

A memorable experience, totally unexpected!!Sue took the time to share her expertise on the different types of fragrances, going into the history of each and shared valuable insight in the power of scent.

I felt privileged and very special (like a Princess) and made my own fragrance for the first time! The fragrance is THE perfect scent for me and I've been getting rave compliments on how I smell. The song by Nina Simone "I Put A Spell on You" comes to mind, as this scent of mine has heads turning! I LOVE IT!
— Sonal S.
Such a great experience. The personality test allows you to really find out what smell best fits you. She creates such a welcoming environment for her clients and really makes the whole experience very inviting and calm. I would recommend to anyone who's trying to find a fragrance specific to them.
— Nicholas K.
I had the most wonderful & unique experience at SUE PHILLIPS FRAGRANCE.
I wasn't sure what to expect.
SUE is an expert at fragrance. She applies her talent for scent to help people create their own exquisite fragrance.
I walked out with my own fragrance I call.... Divinity! and I love it!
— Tym Moss
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— Author's name
My fiancée and I had a fantastic time with Sue!! After learning all about the fragrance families and different types of scent notes, we took a scent quiz to determine the perfect perfume blends for each of us. I'm glad I took part because the custom scent I created with Sue is the best smelling thing ever!
— Corey William
I has lost my sense of smell due to Covid over a year ago. When I felt it was coming back VERY slowly, I then caught my son's cold. I lost what minor scent of smell that I had AGAIN!
I read about Sue's scent therapy, and I had to try it!
I received the therapy box very fast!
I can't tell you how much of a journey that was for me! I went through the scents for the first round, I could only smell 10 of the 18, but went through the second round and oh my goodness I could smell 14 of 18! Some were light but I could smell them.
That night I went around the house and could smell my candles, extracts, even my bar soaps!
I used my therapy box morning and night, and each time I could smell more and even precisely pick out a certain scent in the 18 perfume bottles of the therapy scent box.
This journey has been a Godsend for me!
— Ellen S.
Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.
— Author's name
Sue Phillips can captivate a ZOOM room with her understanding of the history and meaning of fragrance in our lives. After inviting her to be a virtual guest lecturer to my Paris based students ( 12 of them are in NYC), her profile has grown as she added another level of thought leadership... Scent loss during Covid! She has a voice not only for history, but current times. Sue is an excellent speaker who can energize a group-- so as things open up, keep her in mind for any event, virtual or real time! I.m hoping to visit her with my study abroad students in May or June and create my own scent!
— Trish R.
OBSESSED!!!!!! How cool to create your very own scent from scratch!!! I've never done anything like this before and I'm SO happy I did! Sue is amazing, she makes everyone feel so special the minute you walk in the door. It's an oasis and a hidden gem in Tribeca!
I learned so much about the beauty of perfume and how it's made.
Sue is incredibly knowledgeable and makes scent and perfume personal! Every question and gorgeous smell is all tailored to you! From start to finish I felt like a Queen.The packaging is beautiful! I truly had a wonderful and educational experience and can't recommend this enough! Treat yourself, give this as a gift just do it! Sooooooo worth every penny, and I have gotten so many compliments on my new perfume :) Love love love!!!! Also such a cool thing to do with friends!!
— Kathy S.
Now this is a treat! People most often forget about the nose and how powerful it can be to have a personal scent. Sue Phillips is a true artisan of the artform, her studio is like a laboratory​ of olfactory delights sure to help even the most picky noses find a scent they adore. She walked me through a quiz she created and then used that to help guide me to a mixture she blended and bottled. It's definitely a great gift for your loved ones, co-workers, or yourself.
— Nicole L.
I had the lovely surprise of getting to experience a one on one class with Sue Phillips for my birthday. Not only did I create my own perfume, but thanks to Sue, learned about the history and each of the ingredients used in the fragrances we smell everyday.

With a cup of tea in hand, I took a scent personality quiz that had an uncanny accuracy! I proceeded to smell all of the different elements of fragrances and with the results of the quiz, Sue was able to guide me towards the perfect personalized perfume!

The experience was amazing and not only because I left with my own creation, but also because Sue was truly a wonderful host.

I recommend this experience from anyone who loves strolling through Sephora and testing all the varieties of eau de parfum to someone who simply wants to learn about how they're made!
— Jackie K.
I had the pleasure of having a corporate event at The Scentarium, hosted by the lovely, and incomparable Sue Phillips. If you are looking for a unique experience this is it!
This venue is by appointment only, but once inside it's like being in a close friend's living room. It's super cozy, and with Sue's mom's artwork surrounding you, you can feel the love in the room. Once we settled in, we learned about fragrances and the major categories they fall into. Because we were a larger group than normal, we had an abridged version, but there were over a dozen different categories. We then took a quick survey to determine our scent profile, which correlated directly with our personality. In my case and most others, it was spot on! Once our fragrance profile was created, we then got the chance to compose our actual custom scent and took home a bottle to boot.
Overall this was an awesome experience. Sue and her staff were professional, knowledgable, courteous and obviously love what they do. This is a great date idea or even for taking out clients. Either way, whoever you take will be impressed. I plan on coming back with my girlfriend for a more in depth consultation and so that my significant other can share the experience. Highly reccomended!
— Derrick L.
Sue Phillips is the ultimate professional - what a great experience!

Tourists and New Yorkers alike flock to Tribeca for the shopping and atmosphere. But if you're looking for a more unique Tribeca activity, check out Scentarium for a fun date idea, or solo afternoon!

With her vast experience at Lancôme, Tiffany & Co., Elizabeth Arden among others, Sue knows the industry like no one else. A true fragrance expert, Ms. Phillips leaves every guest with a lesson, and a scent of their very own. Thanks so much Sue!
— Jill M.
ue is so kind, welcoming and informative! I've never put much thought into the types of fragrances I choose to wear. In the past, I just wore what friends and family gave me as gifts, but after taking Sue's custom quiz, I realize there's so much more to selecting a perfect scent.

Located in a lovely TriBeCa studio, The Scentarium provides the perfect atmosphere for fragrance lovers as well as those who are completely new to the perfume game. Sue creates an entire experience, allowing each client to sample her handcrafted scents from around the world before creating a custom bottle before their very eyes.

There was nothing intimidating about the experience, and I'm floored by how much I love my scent. You also get to name your fragrance, which is a fun touch. I'll be wearing "Set Me Free" until my bottle runs out, after which I might have to go get some more from Sue! I brought it to dinner to show my friends last night and they loved it as well. Definitely check this place out if you're up for feeling fancy. You deserve it!
— Megan V.
What a truly one of a kind experience! My sister decided it would be a great memory for us to create together by creating our own fragrance with Sue for my birthday. We arrived at her beautiful apartment and were introduced to the world of Scenterprises. Sue is incredibly knowledgeable about fragrance - a real expert. We sipped on champagne and strawberries while she educated us about the different types of scents, answered our questions, and spent time helping us create our own unique fragrance. The entire afternoon was fabulous! Sue kept our custom scents on file so we could get refills if we needed more...and we sure did! You will learn that scents bring about memories and feelings, and the scent I created makes me feel happy and fabulous! Needless to say, I go through the bottles pretty quickly! This beat any other birthday gift I could have gotten, it was truly amazing! Thank you Sue!
— Katharine T.
Was so excited to attend and meet the mind behind Tiffany, Burberry,and Chloe fragrances.

My roommate and I both took the class: we smelled 20+ scents and learned what notes we liked. It was such a surprising experience... who knew that I didn't like citrus and loved the smell of musk and whale sperm!!

Loved seeing how my personality corresponded with my scent preferences. I was so impressed that I didn't have a headache after sniffing for two hours. Sue said this was because she uses such high-quality oils.

My roommate and I played mixologist and made signature scents. We loved our scent so much that we ordered the larger-sized bottle.

Really enjoying wearing the perfume because when people ask what I am wearing I can say "It's part of my own line"
— Mandy K.

Discover your Scent Personality

When you take the Scent Personality Quiz, you will answer 12 lifestyle questions and your results will be tabulated to reveal which Fragrance Family most suits you.

Do you prefer Fresh, Floral, Woodsy or Spicy scents? 



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