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Artisan Scents - Floral Blend

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A floral bouquet! A medley of fresh, floral, rose, heady and gentle florals.

Flowers are the quintessential symbol of Femininity. This exquisite, complex floral blend embodies passion, true love, sensuality, romance and desire. It opens up with fresh notes of lemon, rose and jasmine weaving through wild rose, Moroccan rose violet, exotic cognac, clove, and violet leaf. Next follow the heady delights of white Gardenia, ylang-ylang, orange flower, carnation and tuberose…. Ahh! Hot, sexy, passionate nights ahead. The lingering florals dry down to a lovely gentle floral based on frangipani and cyclamen with white and red freesias, black and green teas.

About The Product

Floral Family

This is the most popular family amongst women because it conjures up feelings of romance, and flowers often appeal to people who are particularly in touch with their emotions. The Rose is the quintessential symbol of femininity, passion, true Love and desire.

Floral fragrances can also include other families for a lighter or more sensual and smouldering effect, such as fresh floral, light floral, fruity floral,  “floriental” a combination of spicy oritenal notes. There are no rules in fragrance. You can combine any fragrance family for a unique result! Floral scents can be soft and subtle like the scent of a rose garden, or bold and exotic like the smell of lilies. Interestingly European men tend to like Floral fragrances as well.

Recyclable Packaging

Twist & Swivel Atomizer

Our packaging is environmentally friendly – atomizers are refillable, portable and travel-friendly packaged in luxurious satin and velvet pouches. No wasteful cartons.

Customer Reviews

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Fucking goddess worthy

If you call this a granny scent then you just have no taste and should go back to bath and body works for your cheap ass warm vanilla sugar shit. This reminds me of Gucci bloom and I will definitely be buying the full bottle. Very sophisticated, mature, and overall beautiful. One of the best florals I have ever smelled.
— Ridli King
In Love

This is my new favorite. It’s not too strong and stays in my clothes for awhile. At least longer then the ones I’ve tried before. It definitely has a very floral scent, which I love.
— Dia Lopez
Gorgeous floral!

The white flowers make for a super fresh, floral perfume. It works with your natural smell and makes you smell like the richest, cleanest person in the room. One of my favorite florals I’ve tried on this site so far! I do wish it lasted longer but I feel that way about all the scents on here.
— Julia Drischler
Beautiful, Complex and Long Lasting

I have not yet received this so I have to just share that I smelled this perfume on a bus and approached a complete stranger because I had to know what she was wearing! I wrote it down and then couldn't find it anywhere. So I'm excited to receive it! The woman told me that this scent seems to seep IN to the body somehow and become like an essence. I am really hoping it does the same with me :)
— Heidi Quayle
Good perfume!!
This was my first order so I wasn’t too sure how good it would be but I loved it and am so glad I didn’t listen to the hate😊. I don’t know a lot about perfume so I honestly had no idea what it would smell like and even though it isn’t what I would normally wear I don’t hate and am certain I will wear it again.
— Blair Hamilton
One of My Favs

I absolutely LOVE this scent. I literally went to try purchase a whole bottle and it's over $300. I was SHOOK. So I guess I'll have to preserve my little Scentbird bottle for now. It's definitely worth a try if you're on the fence. I receive so many compliments and you can really smell the quality of this perfume.
— Maria Neumann
EXACTLY what I was expecting...

While youtuber, Ayana Fite, raved about this scent, I couldn't wait to try it. And I was NOT disappointed. This will DEFINITELY become a favorite. 😍
— TR Williams
Very pretty

It’s a pretty scent, not too overpowering, but also surprising! Wasn’t sure I liked it at first but put it on a second time and fell in love!
— Trish Mayo

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right perfume for me?

When you take our Scent Personality Profile Quiz, you will answer lifestyle questions (with only one ‘sniff’ question!), and your results will be tabulated to reveal which Fragrance Personality or Family most suits you. Do you prefer Fresh, Floral, Woodsy or Spicy scents?  You will discover which fragrance family suits you the most based on the answers you selected! Take the Quiz to discover YOUR fragrance personality and we will create a beautiful, unique fragrance just for you.

What are fragrance families?

We’ve narrowed the 8 categories to 4 major Fragrance Families -Fresh, Floral, Woodsy and Spicy. You can explore our 18 beautiful perfume blends which are made of the highest quality ingredients and are classified into the 4 families. Each is a unique perfume which can be worn alone or combined to create an original, unique fragrance for you. Quality is really important and we pride ourselves on the fact that we have never had complaints of headaches or allergies.  In addition, our packaging is environmentally friendly, with lovely satin and velvet pouches, and our atomizers are refillable, portable and travel-friendly.

How to wear fragrance?

Spray it on your skin…do not spray on your clothes. The skin contains oils that will combine with the fragrance to exude a more impressive scent. Spray it on your pulse points- nape of the neck, chest, wrists, inner elbow, and forearm… or where you want to be kissed!

Why does my fragrance not last?

If your skin is dry, then fragrance oils will evaporate easily, as opposed to if you have oiler skin.

Depending on the  soap, gel, lotion or shampoo you use, your fragrance might be overpowered.

It depends on the fragrance family also. Perfumes with more prominent base notes will last longer than those with lighter top notes. Base notes usually include woodsy, spicy, balsamic, chypre ingredients. If your perfume contains patchouli and amber, it’s likely to have a longer shelf life.

How long will the perfume last on me?

Perfume used to last on your skin more than 24 hours. Nowadays, because of regulations, most popular perfumes tend to last anywhere between three to six hours and have to be re-applied.

How long will an open bottle last?

Many perfumes can last anywhere between 1-10 years. However, three to five years is often the average shelf life of a fragrance. Avoid direct sunlight, heating, air conditioning, fridge…excessive temperatures.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do. Please select the worldwide shipping when you make a purchase. Shipping price costs $40/ per order.