What is a custom fragrance? (In-person and via Zoom)

We customize exquisite high quality fragrances specially to reflect your individuality and we offer Online and In-person Services.

Start by taking our Scent Personality Profile Quiz either online or at an exclusive personalized consultation. We help discover your Scent Persona and create an extraordinary perfume just for you. Ideal for individuals or groups.

How long does it take?

It takes between 60-90 minutes to create your own custom fragrance. We start with a Perfume Personality Profile Quiz, we discuss the results, then take you on a ‘fragrance journey’ and you evaluate all our blends, select the ones that you love and we create a fragrance for you.

For an in-person consultation you will leave with your custom scent.For an on-line order, just take the quiz and we will ship you your custom fragrance.For a Personalized Zoom, Sue will guide you on a ‘fragrance journey’ and your custom scent will be sent in a mail within 4-6 business days.

How to wear fragrance?

Spray it on your skin…do not spray on your clothes. The skin contains oils that will combine with the fragrance to exude a more impressive scent. Spray it on your pulse points- nape of the neck, chest, wrists, inner elbow, and forearm… or where you want to be kissed!

What are fragrance families?

We’ve narrowed the 8 categories to 4 major Fragrance Families -Fresh, Floral, Woodsy and Spicy. You can explore our 18 beautiful perfume blends which are made of the highest quality ingredients and are classified into the 4 families. Each is a unique perfume which can be worn alone or combined to create an original, unique fragrance for you. Quality is really important and we pride ourselves on the fact that we have never had complaints of headaches or allergies.  In addition, our packaging is environmentally friendly, with lovely satin and velvet pouches, and our atomizers are refillable, portable and travel-friendly.

How do I buy fragrance without smelling?

If you know which fragrance family that you like, you will be able to purchase online. If you don’t know which fragrance family you like, you can take ourScent Quizto discover a fragrance that matches your personality. We are 100% sure that you will be satisfied with the result.

Can I match a fragrance to my personality or memories?

Yes you can. Fragrance triggers memories and emotions- where you are from, your childhood, places you have lived, the environment, genetics, memories, and more. Early childhood memories are a big factor that reflect your personality. Many people have different personalities when in different situations. Perhaps you are a professional and of course, maintain that level of professional behavior but are silly and fun outside of the office!  Scents are how we connect, and associate, with people, places, and things.  A smell can be very empowering and very different for each person.

Learn more from THE POWER OF PERFUME by Sue Phillips.

Why does my fragrance not last?

If your skin is dry, then fragrance oils will evaporate easily, as opposed to if you have oiler skin.

Depending on the  soap, gel, lotion or shampoo you use, your fragrance might be overpowered.

It depends on the fragrance family also. Perfumes with more prominent base notes will last longer than those with lighter top notes. Base notes usually include woodsy, spicy, balsamic, chypre ingredients. If your perfume contains patchouli and amber, it’s likely to have a longer shelf life.

How long will the perfume last on me?

Perfume used to last on your skin more than 24 hours. Nowadays, because of regulations, most popular perfumes tend to last anywhere between three to six hours and have to be re-applied.

How do I choose the right perfume for me?

When you take our Scent Personality Quiz, you will answer lifestyle questions (with only one ‘sniff’ question!), and your results will be tabulated to reveal which Fragrance Personality or Family most suits you. Do you prefer Fresh, Floral, Woodsy or Spicy scents?  You will discover which fragrance family suits you the most based on the answers you selected! Take the Quiz to discover YOUR fragrance personality and we will create a beautiful, unique fragrance just for you.

Do I need to change fragrance by seasons?

Yes if you would like to. By changing your perfume with the seasons, you have the ability to adjust the mood you are rocking accordingly! In fact, you can go a step further and pair certain perfumes with select outfits and looks.

How do I choose perfume as a gift?

You can buy our Gift Certificate for people to take the Scent Quiz, make an appointment  or simply Call us to schedule a reservation.

Why is perfume so expensive?

Ingredients are the main item that drives up the cost of perfumes. Some contain rare flower petals or the essences of unusual roots; think tuberose and jasmine. The scarcity of an ingredient—say, one that blooms for only one month a year—can add to its value. Also, natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, fires, ruin crops, that cause increased pricing.

What if I am allergic to perfume?

Since our blends are created from exquisite luxury high-quality natural ingredients, we have never had any complaints about an allergic reaction with our blends. However, we do know that many commercial fragrances do cause headaches and allergies.

How much should I wear?

As much as you want! Spray whenever you want to smell special or after taking a shower.

How long will an open bottle last?

Many perfumes can last anywhere between 1-10 years. However, three to five years is often the average shelf life of a fragrance. Avoid direct sunlight, heating, air conditioning, fridge…excessive temperatures.

Can Sue re-create a perfume that is no longer on the market?

Yes Sue can help you create your favorite perfume which is no longer on the market. But it also depends on the ingredients. We can’t guarantee 100% but we had amazing response from clients who love their new creation.

Does Sue’s perfume contain animal ingredients?

We don’t use any animal ingredients. For example, our Mellow Musky perfume blend is a beautifully smooth sensual deep musk formulated from natural plant musks, angelica root and coriander – contains no animal musk which is a perfume ingredient, traditionally extracted from the anal gland of the male musk deer and secretions of civet cats and beavers.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do. Please select the worldwide shipping when you make a purchase. Shipping price costs $40/ per order.

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