Sue creates customized, exquisite, high quality fragrances which reflect your individuality and uniqueness.

To create your own fragrance, take our Scent Personality Quiz and the results will reflect the fragrance families you prefer: either Fresh, Floral, Woodsy and Spicy, or a combination of them, from our 18 exquisite blends.

Each blend is a beautiful perfume in its own right which can be worn alone or combined to create a beautiful unique fragrance creation just for you.


Fresh fragrances remind you of the smell of falling rain, fresh cut grass, dew drops, crisp mountain air, and the smell of a breezy ocean. People love a fresh sporty fragrance because it is invigorating, elegant,  simple and clean, and can be worn by both men and women.


This is the most popular family amongst women because it conjures up feelings of romance, and flowers often appeal to people who are particularly in touch with their emotions. The Rose is the quintessential symbol of femininity, passion, true Love and desire.


Spicy scents are warm, sensual, luxurious and a perfect complement to it is a red cashmere coat. Ideal for Men and Women. It is all about sensuality, being bold, exciting with a flair for the exotic. As you walk by, you are noticed!


Because of the base notes, woodsy fragrances are sophisticated,  long-lasting, and include mossy and powdery notes for a sensual effect. Woodsy fragrances are refined, complex. and comforting. Men find this very appealing and some women love wearing a men’s scent.