FRAGRANCE FACTS: DID YOU KNOW? Something I have known and studied for a long time is that Fragrance triggers memory and emotions and according to Martin Lindstrom, author of “Brand Sense: How to Build Powerful Brands Through Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight and Sound” our Sense of Smell is our strongest Sense after Sight.
  • Have you ever walked down the street and stopped because the scent wafting in the air immediately reminded you of a past memory?
  • Or when someone hugs you and the fragrance you’re wearing reminds you of a loved one or the memory of your first kiss.
  • And the whiff of baby powder takes you back to a beautiful new born baby.
Perfumes touch our deepest emotions and reflect the true spirit of a person. What you wear, how you wear it, and where you wear it, says everything about you. A perfume should be as individual as the person who wears it.
  • DID YOU KNOW that there is an International Perfume Bottle Association? Established in 1988 this is an organization that appeals to both beginners or seasoned collectors of passionate perfume bottle collectors. I was sorry to miss it, but want to share this with all of you who love and collect beautiful perfume bottles. A three-day extravaganza featuring the world's premiere exhibition and sale with the field's leading dealers featuring thousands of bottles and an internationally recognized auction. The convention draws together collectors and dealers from around the world
Every week ScentNotes will bring you “DID YOU KNOW” Fragrance facts.  If you have questions, comments, or interesting Fragrance NEWS  please share them with us and contact us @scentfullysue or  We would love to highlight your ‘scent discoveries’!

Isaac Mizrahi’s “Color Wall”

Looking for a multi-sensory way to spend a weekend? Take a tour to the Upper East Side of Manhattan and immerse yourself in the Senses. I love discovering new exhibits about fragrance at galleries and museums. THE COOPER HEWITT  2 E 91st St, New York, NY 10128 showcases “BEAUTY (opened in Feb and is on display until August 21) “Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial” and celebrates Design as a creative endeavor that engages the mind, body and senses. The exhibition features more than 250 works by 63 designers and teams from around the globe, and is organized around 7 themes- extravagant, intricate, ethereal, transgressive, emergent, elemental, and transformative. I was naturally fascinated by the interactive ‘scent’ wall which has a visual schematic of Central Park, and by touching the adjacent area one can ‘experience’ the scents associated with Central Park. (Disclosure: I loved the concept; but didn’t really feel that the scents were adequately diffused). The exhibition is installed on the first and third floors of the museum and offers an immersive, multisensory experience that guides the visitor through a dramatic procession of the individual works.  With projects ranging from experimental prototypes and interactive games to fashion ensembles and architectural interventions, Beauty presents works of astonishing form and surprising function while examining the essential question: “Why beauty now? 

Next: was Isaac Mizrahi’s An Unruly History– at The Jewish Museum   1109 5th Avenue, NY NY 10128    till August 7 This is not about fragrances but Isaac’s exhibition is ablaze with color and I always think about how color and fragrance are associated- synesthesia.  Which colors do you smell?  As I tweeted after I saw the exhibition, “RUN, don’t walk to this exhibition” (!)  and glory in the unabashed pleasure of over-the-top fashions in colors that defy the ubiquitous color of inky black fashion, so prevalent in NY CITY Scenterprises; The Scentarium and “Scentertainment® I’m always excited to highlight interesting events and clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with to create exquisite Custom Scents at The Scentarium and also for large corporate events.  Our Fragrance Bars are an ideal way to design your own fragrance which we’ve presented for David Tutera’s “Your Wedding Experience” in Philadelphia in February, as well as several client appreciation events for CareRite Rehabilitation Centers, with whom we love collaborating to give their social workers a unique opportunity to create their own scents. I was thrilled to be a speaker at The “Senses-UP” Summit, sponsored by Dianne Devitt of the DND Group - this was a true multi-sensory event with compelling speakers, in which ALL the senses were discussed, savored, sniffed, touched, seen and heard.  Hmmm perfect! Excited to share that we shall be presenting our ‘Discover your Scents” Day for the iconic luxury brand Bulgari in which we shall present our Fragrance Journey to their sales and marketing professionals and shall explore their beautiful fragrances by ‘deconstructing’ three of their new perfume launches and then ‘construct’ them to showcase how fragrances are created! 

And this week is the highlight of my career! I am so excited and grateful to be an Honoree at TJ Martell’s “Women of Influence” Luncheon at The Plaza Hotel on May 13 where they have raised over $271miillion for cancer research. To be in the company of so many formidable Influential women, I am thrilled and encouraged that Fragrance continues to be the source of my passion and that I have been able to influence, stimulate and create ‘scentsory’ perfume experiences for so many fragrance lovers, and continue love being a ‘Scentrepreneur’! Till next time, Fragrant Hugs, Scentfully sue signature

มิถุนายน 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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