If you're looking for someone to inspire your company to greater heights - then Sue Phillips could be the answer. Known within the industry as a Fragrance Expert, Sue can help your audience re-think company strategy and create fabulous team-building exercises - all of which will lead to a more profitable, dynamic and successful company. Sue's passion for perfume stems back to her Native South Africa and after a hugely successful career in many blue chip companies in and around New York, creating and branding fragrances, Sue will now share her knowledge and expertise with you, so you can understand the power of a custom scent as a Marketing tool. Would you like your brand to be more individual, more unique and more likeable? Then book an appointment with Sue Phillips and learn all about the opportunities that exist for inspiring your customers and drawing them deeper into your brand with the use of your own corporate bespoke scent. Our sense of smell is our most powerful of all the five senses - yet one that is remarkably underutilized within the world of Marketing. Put your brand on the path to success with the Art of Perfumery by Sue Phillips.

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