Listen to Sue Phillips - world renowned Fragrance Expert discuss her early career in branding and fragrance. (Click on the video below) Sue is a pioneer of bespoke perfumery - having brought the concept of tailor-made fragrances into the world of consumer personalization. You can now design your own fragrance on-line with Sue's unique product offering.  Sue is officially known as a Scentrepreneur - and you can personally go on a fragrance journey with Sue at her fabulous perfume oasis in TriBeCa, NYC - the Scentarium- New York's first custom perfumery. As well as individuals, Sue also works with many Corporations - either running team-building work-shops around fragrance- or else working with the company to create a bespoke brand perfume that reflects and delivers the promises of the brand. For more information on any of the above - please contact Sue.
มิถุนายน 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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