Sue Phillips, a local entrepreneur with a multi-national business, dedicates her time to help Covid-19 patients re-develop their sense of smell after suffering from Anosmia.

LOS ANGELES, CA based Woman of Achievement holds an annual women’s leadership weekend allowing state finalists to present their “platform work” (a community or social issue they champion) as well as deliver a speech about their entrepreneurial path or social impact cause. Representing New York in the
“Elite” category, author Sue Phillips will highlight her life’s work from her days at Elizabeth Arden and Lancôme to eventually developing Tiffany & Company’s first fragrance TIFFANY as their Executive Vice President of Fragrance Marketing. Phillips has written her first book relating the history of fragrance and
how human sense of smell is connected to intellect, emotions, memory and taste. She has also been credited with helping hundreds of individuals to “regain” their sense of smell after bouts with Covid-19-induced anosmia, and is co-authoring a second book with a neuroscientist.

A South African native, Phillips moved to the U.S. in her early twenties and has created fragrances for Burberry, Avon, Trish McEvoy, and Lancaster, all extremely successful brands. She collaborated with Jacques Polge in Paris, the chief perfumer for Chanel on the TIFFANY perfume. She also trademarked
“Scentrepreneur” and also“Scentertaining” allowing ‘scentsory’ experiences for interactive corporate teambuilding events. Her Sue Phillips brand will soon be global from New York to Dubai and her book “The Power of Perfume” was released at a sell-out event at the National Arts Club. She currently
operates the Sue Phillips Fragrance Salon in New York’s Upper East Side where individuals and groups can create their own personalized custom “signature” fragrance.

Woman of Achievement organization’s “Platform-Driven” Leadership Weekend & National Pageant interviews finalists on their past and current academic, community, and career accomplishments as they present a platform in which they will support a charitable or social cause. Judging criteria also includes lifestyle in fitness, speech or arts presentation.

The Woman of Achievement Pageant is a national pageant for women (ages 26 and over) who haveachieved success in community, charities, non-profit development, public speaking, advanced education,
performing arts, and/or women’s leadership. We provide public speaking training, leadership development, and professional workshop, networking, and leadership seminars.

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เมษายน 12, 2023 — Christine Romero

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