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Sue Phillips: Perfumery is both an art and a science. So the quiz will help you determine what fragrance family you like. Many people say they love fragrance but they really don’t know what type of fragrance they like. What type of message would you like to impart when you wear fragrance? Would you like something fresh and clean or smoky and sophisticated or … ? Business Insider: I think I’d like to try something smoky and sophisticated. SP: Really? Fragrance ingredients are found in nature and now in the lab. There are plants such as beautiful petals. Do you know where musk comes from? So, when the deer or the civet cat gets a little frisky, shall we say, they make certain secretions. How or why those perfumers found those secretions, we’re not going to go there, but they did. Today, we don’t use anything from animals in modern day perfumery. Not too many men, American men, like florals, but what’s interesting is a lot of European men really happen to love florals. We had the top notes, we had the middle notes, now we’re starting on the deeper, the more sort of long-lasting, warm … BI: So these are kind of like the aftertastes? SP: Yes, we call them the dry down. So go back through your list and see which ones you like. And what does it remind you of? Does it remind you of anything? Does it remind you of a childhood memory or somebody you want to be? It’s really a question of self-expression, so why wear what everybody else wears when you can really create your own?
มิถุนายน 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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