Premiere Scent Kit

$175.00 $195.00

The Premiere Scent Kit will delight you as you enjoy being a “perfumer”, evaluate our 12 exquisite perfume ingredients and select 3 or 4 blends to create your signature fragrance.

This kit includes 12 beautiful, complex high-quality perfumes, spanning the entire olfactive palette: Citrus, Green, Aldehydic, Woodsy, Spicy, Musky, Fruity, Mossy, Herbaceous, Ozonic; Fresh Floral, Rose Floral, Floral Floral, Heady Floral, Gentle Floral, Tonic Sport, Amber, Balsamic Vanilla with one refillable 10ml perfume bottle, pipettes and perfume strips which are labeled with your perfume blend names. 

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