“Perfume follows you; it chases you and lingers behind you. It’s a reference mark. Perfume makes silent talk. ” The saying from Sonia Rykiel about perfume worded aptly said says so much. Perfume may well be a lovely essential in our daily life, we may use to anoint ourselves with certain odors we prefer. However, sometimes, we may be aware that we know only a few things about fragrance, its history, its ingredients, and its relationship with each countries’ culture. Sue Phillips, fragrance expert and Scentrepreneur®, just launched her first book about her area of expertise, called The Power of Perfume, which encompasses and includes answers to all the fragrance questions that clients have asked her over the years, as well as making a great read and reference book for those who want to explore and understand more of this majestic subject.

The author Sue Phillips has rich experience in the field of perfume making. She was hired for marketing executive positions at Elizabeth Arden and Lancôme. During her time as Vice President at Tiffany & Co, she created and developed their first iconic perfume for their 150th Anniversary. In 1992 she established her company Scenterprises Inc, designed and launched fragrances for famous fashion houses such as Burberry, Trish McEvoy, and Avon. Seventeen years later, she started her journey following the idea of serendipity, The Scentarium — the first customizing Fragrance perfume studio in New York where she helped many A-list celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes, and Zendaya to create the ideal Fragrance; using it to show their personality. From 2020, Sue made the step of offering the online service “ScentSessionSoirees” to help the audience discover their own Fragrance via the Internet.

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6월 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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