Sue Phillips

The Fragrance

Globally recognized expert in the fragrance & perfume, cosmetics and personal care fields.

Keynote Speaking

Have you ever considered how a motivational speaker can help build confidence and positivity through Fragrance?

Team Building

Enjoy the sweet smell of success! Participants are split into teams to create a fragrance, formulate a marketing strategy and present their launch plans at the end of the session.

Scentrepreneur. Perfume Designer. Writer.


Sue Phillips is the founder of Scenterprises, Inc. and The Scentarium, New York’s newest custom perfumery and a globally-recognized expert in the fragrance & perfume, cosmetics and personal care fields. Sue is a branding and marketing fragrance expert, a SCENTREPRENEUR®, who has presented interactive, powerful, memorable ‘experiences’ to Fortune 500 clients through our most powerful sense… Our Sense of Smell. She will help transform your company with her team building and motivational programs and leave a long-lasting, memorable impression on your organization, as you sniff your way to profits.

Companies That Have Worked With Sue

Tiffany & Co.



Wells Fargo



Zurich Financial

Clients That Have Worked With Sue

katie holmes
jamie foxx
susan sarandon

Team Building

Sue’s team-building exercises help participants collaborate through various assignments. Participants are split into groups to develop strategies, marketing plans, and product introduction which they present at the end of the session. The winning team gets the award.

Motivational Speaking

Sue Phillips will inspire and delight the audience by shifting their perspective to show how our most powerful sense will help build confidence, positivity, reflect individuality, and motivate them to be their very best.

Corporate Events

Sue offers innovative multisensory corporate events that are unique and different! She will create interactive, fun, memorable scentertaining® events which create a bond between the participants and the corporation.

Create Your Fragrance

Why wear what everyone else wears when you can create your very own Bespoke Perfume?

Sue Phillips presentation

Public Speaking

Sue Phillips is the consummate storyteller. With expertise and experience covering the unique world of scent. Through her authenticity, her audiences leave their talks entertained and inspired.

Through her vast knowledge about fragrance Sue guides her audience on a fun, thought provoking sensory ‘journey’ by weaving anecdotes about the senses and how entwined our senses are in the areas of taste, touch, sound, sight, and scent.

Her upcoming book is a compilation of all the articles she has written about her favorite subject and answers many questions you never even considered.

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Once again, thank you, Sue, for that amazing presentation. For those of you that weren’t there, Sue had us choose our preferences from a selection of images such as different types of houses, countrysides, actors and paintings to define what attracts us, personally… I’m sure Sue would be delighted to help you make you your own.

Alice D

May 25, 2020

Thank you for the summary of Sue’s fabulous presentation. It has been great getting to know everyone. We are all very aligned in our purpose and mission to support, empower and help others.

Have a great week everyone.

Jaye S

May 25, 2020

Good to meet everyone! Thank you Sue for that fun, informative y’all about fragrance. Can’t wait to one day meet up and smell all those wonderful scents. It’d be interesting to compare essential oils with your high-quality perfume fragrances.

Liz T

May 23, 2020

Your presentation on Saturday was brilliant. Thank you for generously sharing your creativity. You are escential!!!

Looking forward to future meetings and collaboration.

Smiles and Peace

Georga A

May 24, 2020

Sue, Thank you for sharing your expertise with us yesterday. I am grateful to you for your time. You truly have a gift. I look forward to meeting you again soon!

Ursula K

May 25, 2020
cross flower

Unlock your Authenticity

Have you ever wanted to create your very own perfume or cologne? Sue Phillips, International Fragrance Designer, will help you discover your unique scent personality. Why wear what everyone else wears when you can create your very own Bespoke Perfume? Her clients include men and women, celebrities and Fortune 100 corporations who have all created their very own fragrances.

Take our Scent Personality Quiz online and you will receive an amazing “BESPOKE PERFUME” in the mail that reflects your personality and lifestyle! More interested in learning about our perfume bars or private events? Schedule time to speak with us!