What is it about scent?

Out of our five senses, our sense of smell is our most powerful. The right scent can give you self-confidence, improve your mood, make you feel sexier, invigorate you, delight you and reflect your individuality. It can conjure up romantic memories or leave a lasting impression.  Did you know that 85% percent of the flavors we taste come from what we smell, because taste and smell work together in ways you might not realize, to produce some of the basic sensations of everyday life.

Find your Scent Personality

When you take the Scent Personality Quiz, you will answer 12 lifestyle questions and your results will be tabulated to reveal which Fragrance Personality or Family most suits you.

Do you prefer Fresh, Floral, Woodsy or Spicy scents? 

Take the Quiz by selecting your answer to each question from the A’s, B’s, C’s D’s and discover your fragrance personality and I will then create a beautiful, unique fragrance just for you.


The compliments you receive when you wear your Custom Scent are palpable. So why wear what everyone else wears, when you can create your OWN? Sue Phillips invites you to explore the luxury of Sue Phillips House of Fragrance.

Create your own signature scent for men and women, or choose from one of Sue Phillips' luxurious, original perfume blends! Available at our lovely atelier in New York or online. For off-site large Corporate Events and Social Parties we bring our Fragrance Bar to you!

You will be in great company as we have created Custom Scents for A list stars and celebrities including, Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes, Zendaya, Susan Sarandon, Marcia Gay Harden, Cicely Tyson, Laurence Fishburne, Lisa Vanderpump and countless Fortune 500 Clients.

Ready to create your signature fragrance?

Fresh Blends

Floral Blends

Spicy Blends

Woodsy Blends

Artisan Scents


Our unique Artisan Scents are formulated with the finest ingredients and can be worn alone or combined with two, three or four blends to create a signature fragrance just for you. Not sure what Scent suits you? Take the Scent Personality Quiz.

Celebrate The Fine Art of Fragrance

The Perfume Bar – Scentertainment™ for Your Event.

Our multi-sensory events and ‘experiences’  are unique and memorable -  for Clubs, Corporations, Holiday Parties and so much more.  Our Perfume Bar is a wonderful addition to any event and experience’ - and we collaborate with Fashion shows, Musical Soirées, Scent & Wine Tastings, and Scent Dinners. Your guests will be entertained, and will recall the event every time they wear their Custom Perfume, which we create for them at the  Perfume Bar. Choose from any of Sue's fabulous fragrance experiences.