How does it work?

When you take our Scent Personality quiz, you will answer lifestyle questions (with only one ‘sniff’ question!), and your results will be tabulated to reveal which Fragrance Personality or Family most suits you. Do you prefer Fresh, Floral, Woodsy or Spicy scents?  We have selected certain letters that reflect the Fragrance Families, so the letter you picked most often indicates which fragrance family you’ll like best, and if your answers are close we will include fragrances from both or a few of the Fragrance Families for your Custom Scent.  Do you prefer A’s, B’s, C’s D’s? Take the Quiz to discover YOUR fragrance personality and we will create a beautiful, unique fragrance just for you.

Bespoke Perfume Creation

We customize exquisite high quality fragrances specially to reflect your individuality and we offer Online and In-person Services. Start by taking our Scent Personality quiz either online or at an exclusive personalized consultation.. We help discover your Scent Persona and create an extraordinary perfume just for you. Ideal for individuals or groups. 

We have been rated the BEST perfume experience by CBS Network, and LuxGlobal and have collaborated with countless Fortune 100/500 clients such as AOL, Bulgari, Citibank, Coty, Google, Lincoln Navigator, and Zurich Financial. 

I’ve created fragrances for iconic brands and based on my years of experience in the Fragrance industry, I have since developed and created beautiful fragrances that reflect individuality and personality just for YOU. I have studied perfumery and the ingredients and ‘fragrance families’ that make up the Fragrance Palette.  In the same way that Art has 3 primary colors, and Music has 8 notes in an octave, there are 8 major fragrance families, which can range from light fresh citrus and romantic florals to deeper, more full bodied fragrance families e.g. woody and spicy. 

Each of those can be further split into several sub-categories Florals, Spicy, Fruity, Herbaceous, Aromatic, Musky, and  therefore there are literally thousands of ingredients that make up the fragrance palette. Perfumery is the complex combination of Art and Science, and  Perfumers study the fine art of fragrance for years and they literally eat, breathe and sleep fragrance. Why? Of all our senses we can never turn off our Sense of Smell!. If you lose your sense of smell, typically you will also lose your taste, as they are connected, and many people who have been afflicted with Coronavirus have sadly experienced this loss, which hopefully they recover.  (Scientists are working to  find a cure) 

To simplify the understanding, we’ve narrowed the 8 categories to 4 major Fragrance Families -Fresh, Floral, Woodsy and Spicy. You can explore our 18 beautiful perfume blends which are made of the highest quality and are classified into the 4 families. Each is a beautiful perfume which can be worn alone or combined to create a beautiful unique fragrance for you. Quality is really important and we pride ourselves on the fact that we have never had complaints of headaches or allergies.  In addition, our packaging is environmentally friendly, with lovely satin and velvet pouches, and our atomizers are refillable, portable and travel-friendly. 

Our unique perfume ingredients are formulated and created in the USA and took 4 years to get them to be absolutely perfect, and to be formulated to be worn alone and to combine beautifully with two, three or four to create for a totally original and unique fragrance.