Thrilled and honored to be invited to speak about Cosmetic, Entreprenuership and Innovation in this panel! Join us for an enlightening meet-up presented by Photon Legal.

Who Is This Webinar For?
If you're an entrepreneur, innovator, founder, or simply someone interested in the Cosmetic Industry, this webinar is designed for you.

Why Should You Attend?
▶ Hear Success Stories from Pioneering Health-tech Founders
▶ Get Exclusive Insights from Renowned Healthcare Investors
▶ Network with 100+ Forward-thinking Attendees
▶ Limited Seats Available – Reserve Yours Today!

Meet Our Speaker:
Sue Phillips, CEO & Founder at Scenterprises

The Event Will Be Hosted By:
Shruhita Amit, Joint Partner at Photon Legal

About Photon Legal:
There are law firms and then there’s Photon Legal. We’re a law firm specializing in IP protection. With clients like Filo, iMocha, 6 Sense, and Tata – we’ve filed 3,000 patents with a ~100% success rate.

Forbes includes us in their list of Top Ten IP firms in India. Photon Legal, India's fastest-growing Intellectual Property (IP) law firm, is fueled by its core values, Positivity, enthusiasm, compassion, and honesty.

Date & Time:
Join us from 3rd - 5th October (Every day at 11 AM EST)

How To Register:
Click the link below to reserve your spot now!
09 octobre, 2023 — Sue Phillips

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