We can't think of a more incredible way to celebrate your amazing mom than to create a personal, customized perfume just for her… And it's so easy!

Take our fun Scent Personality Quiz online to determine the Fragrance Families that best reflect the scents and notes your mom will love. Then order our Mother's Day Introductory Bespoke Perfume Kit, and, based on your answers, we'll send you four exquisite, high-quality perfume blends for you to create a personalized fragrance for her. We'll also include an elegant refillable gold atomizer, instructions, and all the supplies needed to design your customized creation presented in a beautiful gold, satin pouch. Make a note of her perfume combination and her formula can always be reordered and replenished in larger sizes when her fragrance runs out. Thousands of people have taken our Scent Personality Quiz and are delighted with the results of their personalized perfume based on their answers! This is an exclusive, limited-time offer through May 31, 2016, specially priced at only $60 plus shipping (actual product value $145). Don't miss this opportunity! Your mom is special... why give her what everyone else wears when you can create a unique perfume just for her?


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22 juin, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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