Sue Phillips will teach you the Art of Perfumery and show you how to design your very own fragrance[/caption] This weekend, lots of very Happy Mums received a wonderful present from their daughters or sons - a beautiful Gift Certificate for a private consultation with renowned fragrance expert Sue Philips so they can learn all about designing their own perfume and actually create their own fragrance during the consultation with Sue. You don't have to wait util Mother's Day next year to offer your Mum one of these fabulous Gift Certificates, they are equally as valid for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas presents.

Gift Certificates to learn how to create your own perfume[/caption] Each certificate is personalized with the details of the receiver (details are filled in on-line when you purchase a Gift Certificate). Designing your very own perfume is the  latest trend in the word of fashion - you mix and match your clothes, you use make-up creatively - so now it's time to learn how to mix and match Scenterprises delicious perfume blends into you very own unique and personal fragrance. The Gift Certificates can be redeemed up to 9 months after purchase. In addition to Gift Certificates, you can also attend a Fragrance Workshop with Sue Phillips at her trendy, exclusive and beautiful TriBeCa perfumery - the Scentarium™.  Workshops can be for individuals, couples, or groups of any size. You can reserve a workshop here or contact Sue directly.

Group workshops are fun and educational - whether as a team building exercise or just to be with your friends for a special occasion

22 juin, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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