Sue Phillips, CEO and Founder of Scenterprises, is a globally-recognized expert of fragrance, cosmetics, and personal care. In this episode, she explains the details on how she creates scents for major brands and how these scents change a person.

Masks Have Kept Us From Smelling Other Peoples Perfume and Cologne But Not Our Own! Perfume has been one of my small pandemic pleasures because it just makes me feel good! So does the fresh smell of my boyfriends cologne after he showers. (When you’re confined in a house together it’s good to smell good.)

Like many of you I have my favorite go-to scents that others often comment on when I walk in a room. Fragrance guru Sue Phillips says when that happens, it means that particular scent is working its magic with your personal chemistry.

For more than 40 years, Sue Phillips, one of the world’s most renowned fragrance experts, has created fragrances for brands, and celebrities.  Her many credits include senior positions at many of the fragrance industry’s top companies; Elizabeth Arden , Lancome Paris, Burberry, Chloe, Lagerfeld, and Lancaster working on the Davidoff brands and Chopard. At Trish McEvoy, Sue developed her first 3 fragrances. She even created the first ever scent for Tiffany & Co. called TIFFANY which became one of the company’s top sellers and was followed by Tiffany for Men.

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22 junio 2022 — Sue Phillips

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