The recent launch of Ralph Lauren’s new Fragrance Collection highlights the growing popular trend of ‘experiences’.  Why wear a fragrance ‘experience’ that everyone else can wear?  Why not go one stage further and actually create YOUR very own personalized scent based on the places YOU have visited? Scenterprises™ is a company that specialises in the Art of Perfumery and has recently brought the concept of bespoke perfumery into the homes of consumers. So, rather than having to wear what someone else has created, you can actually wear your OWN creation. Scenterprises™ has a range of beautiful, exquisite perfume blends – all of which can either be worn individually or they can be combined together in any way to create a truly unique, luxurious, high quality perfume which can then become YOUR signature scent. You can create your own perfume at Scenterprises™’ bespoke perfumery – the Scentarium™ in NY by booking a custom scent experience with Sue Phillips. Or you can buy one of Scenterprises™’ Introductory Perfume Making kits and create in the comfort of your own home (the kit comes with full instructions and materials). So why not come along and join in with the great DIY fragrance adventure and create your own fabulous designer perfume.  
22 junio 2022 — Sue Phillips

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