In the light of the stunning news this week, and to try and offer a sense of perspective to this perplexing victory, the question that is being asked by more than 50% of the population is “what led to this situation?” No solid plans were ever outlined. However, what was evident, and what was heard every single day, were plenty of racist, xenophobic remarks; TV clips showing misogyny; vociferous bullying and mocking of women as well as handicapped victims. Gold Star families were insulted, we heard boastful remarks of being able to stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody with no loss of voters, and false claims of  birtherism were frequent litanies heard with bold conviction; unapologetic and with constant sound bites of ‘BELIEVE ME Folks, It’s true, all true!! So why can some people speak with such hateful and negative rhetoric and be successful, while others are more deferential and fail?  In my opinion, the overarching feature of this is CONFIDENCE – supreme, blind, belief, faith, conviction and trust in one’s own abilities. What is Confidence? Confidence is the state of feeling certain about the truth of something. Confidence is the feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. (Whether right or wrong!). With frequent and constant repetition of one’s own ‘self-talk’, the talk ultimately becomes reality and eventually the truth! (even if it is only a figment of the imagination, and totally untrue).  “I speak therefore I am!”  Confidence is beguiling and seductive.  It attracts and enchants whomever comes into its’ path. It is spellbinding dazzling and mesmerizing. People love people who are confident, assured and charming. People want to be around people who are confident.  Confidence builds confidence… and with constant congratulatory slaps on the back, actions and words are validated and so the cycle (or myth) continues. Is being confident akin to being egotistical or arrogant? Was it confidence that led to the egotistical narrative that has dominated our consciousness or is it pure arrogance? It seems that with constant repetition of ideas, thoughts and beliefs uttered with a strong voice, confidence, ego or arrogance dominates the rhetoric, and people are swayed and beguiled by it. There are many factors that result in confidence e.g. a loving family upbringing, positive childhood memories and successful actions. However, in lieu of not having those, would anybody want to spray on the Sweet Smell of Confidence or will it be a dab of the Awful Stench of Arrogance?
六月 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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