Fragrance is one of the most exciting topics any person can be involved with learning how to make because each fragrance is not created all the same as the scent and sub-scents used to create fragrance are unique just like each person has an individual personality. Consider this for a moment;two persons want to wear the same perfume. Both are given the same then asked to sniff and provide one word for a response of what they feel. The response could very well be completely different as every person has different sensory features and what one may like another may not. The above was a brief scenario but in essence every person has his or her own desire and like when wanting aromas and fragrances. Did you know there are four categories of scents and there are multiple sub-scents in each one? This is for good reason because every one of us has a different and unique liking to fragrance. With that thought in mind why not learn how to make fragrance for yourself so you can create exactly what fragrances you desire and they will always be unique just like your personality?  The shop that can assist in teaching you more about creating fragrances is Scenterprises. The owner, Sue Phillips is quite helpful with her knowledge and experience in the world of perfume and she can provide you with guidance by explaining the perfume pyramid. This is a helpful pyramid because it shows the top note, middle note, and the base note selections you will be using after taking your sensory quiz. The answers from your quiz will show what type of aromas you favor. Those three aromas will be the selection of notes to create your very own custom perfume. When you have selected those items you will be provided with instructions along with pipets and a fragrance bottle to place your blend into. During your blending it is wise to keep in mind always test your perfume upon the skin instead of using a cotton ball or paper. Testing on the skin will give you the best chance to smell all items that are being used in your perfume blend. Another important tip to keep in mind is that each note scent should equally work together like a chorus.The top note scent is mild and does fade away but the middle note scent will then enter and then linger on. This scent will also smooth out over time. The base note scent will be noticed easily, and it is concentrated. It is important to use light amounts to ensure there is no over powering and every note works together in harmony.Visit Scenterprises to begin your experience and learn more how to make fragrance.
六月 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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