Have you ever wanted to “bottle” a memory or an experience? Creating “memorable” experiences is something which, I believe, many people want to capture, whether it be for personal or professional reasons. Having been involved in the world of fragrance for many years, it is a fact that our Sense of Smell connects Memories and Emotions. 

At my perfumery, The Scentarium, we have been creating and capturing memories and emotions for thousands of clients with our Custom Fragrance workshops. Imagine my delight when I met with four wonderful women who came all the way from the UK to celebrate a milestone event in NY! Their story is unique, and one of the most original that I have experienced over the past 7 years of creating Custom Fragrance events for clients.
I received an email from Victoria who wanted to schedule an appointment to celebrate a friend’s BIG birthday, and asked me to make it ‘extra special’ by having champagne and ‘goodies’ available as it was her 50th! I said of course. We settled on a date and the day soon arrived.
On the day, in walked two lovely British ladies, and shortly thereafter the other two arrived. I asked each of them about their backgrounds and lifestyles and a lovely story unfolded about their UNIQUE friendship.
It turns out that the 4 women, Victoria, Eunice, Nikki and birthday girl, Sara have been friends for 18 years. They met at work in 1998 where they worked for an international firm in London in a demanding, deadline-driven department on very serious initiatives. They are all from different backgrounds, and are very different people with different ideals. Their common denominator is that they work hard, play hard and have celebrated their milestone occasions for the past 18 years, initially alone, and now with their partners, husbands and significant others as well. Their friendship is palpable! They truly love and admire each other and what keeps them in touch is their honestly, integrity, caring, warmth, kindness, fun, love of new experiences and making new memories. They connect through their diversities and being open and valuing what each of them bring to the table. In the words of Victoria: “THROUGH THICK AND THIN WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE EACH OTHER!! “
The most compelling part of the story is that they planned the celebration of Sara’s 50th birthday, in secret, 9 months prior to the date. The 3 friends worked out all the details – flights, hotels, meals, different activities, and booked the Custom Fragrance Event at The Scentarium without a word to Sara. How they managed to get her to the airport, (her partner took her passport) was a feat unto itself, and the only thing he told her was to pack for cold weather! Imagine her surprise when all her friends showed up on the same flight!
The Custom Fragrance event was wonderful. They all designed and created their own signature fragrances and I know for sure that every-time they wear their scents they will be reminded of the beautiful, memorable birthday event they celebrated together. They each formulated their bespoke perfumes, and the names of their fragrances? Originally Sara selected “Heaven Sent” then changed it to ‘CHERISH’ because she cherishes her friendships; Victoria called hers “VICTOIRE”; Nikki’s was ‘ELAN” (after her business name) and Eunice’s was “MEMORIES”. All very personalized.
The laughter, giggles and fun they all had was compelling and contagious in the pictures we took. They did indeed “bottle” Sara’s special occasion and their lasting friendship. And then they discussed how they would ‘top’ next year’s momentous event! That might be a challenge after this event, but I am sure that they will find a fabulous activity to commemorate their next celebration.
I certainly hope they take their bottles of “friendship” with them wherever they go!! And if they were to combine all of their perfumes in one bottle, and name it? The name might be: “FFF - FRIENDSHIP & FRAGRANCE FOREVER”
Tháng 6 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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