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The power of perfume evokes a strong emotion. Smell is one of five senses our human body calls on to understand this world. Your brain is triggered when you inhale a smell, causing your body to react. Smelling is a key tool that prolonged our ancestor’s survival. An example simply framed, when you smell smoke, you usually look for a fire.  Animals also employ smells to make decisions about whether it is an attraction or a repellant, like the distinct odor of a skunk, and how it forces you to run in the opposite direction. Certain smells also trigger memories from the past. For example, the smell cinnamon makes me retreat to the time I spent in my grandma’s house.

Speaking of young, do you remember puberty?  In puberty, kids begin to secrete a pungent smell called body odor. This “rank” smell is caused by bacteria escaping from glands in our bodies. Tracing the beginnings of attempts to cover up this nasty aroma, historians believe that the first  fragrances can be accredited to the early roman civilization. Later, the Egyptians mixed a compote of ostrich eggs, tortoise shells, gallnuts, and animal fat. Since then, perfume makers have invented thousands of fragrances for us to enjoy.

So that you will be able to appreciate the fragrance choice of your friend, classmate, or even your driver, we recommend reading perfume expert Sue Phillips’ new book, “The Power of Perfume: How to Choose It, Wear it and Enjoy It! “

The Power of Perfume: How to Choose It, Wear it and Enjoy It!(Central Park South Publishing Company; $19.95) is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Tháng 6 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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