Are you a Fragrance Lover?

Would you like to design your own perfume so you can be the perfumer and create something original, distinctive and unique? Well, now you can, with Scenterprises’ exquisite Original Perfume Blends. They are proprietary, high quality, natural and only available from Scenterprises. They are also  ideal for both Men and Women. Review all our original blends from our perfume library, and then purchase any four blends you prefer. You can mix and match, and combine any of them to your heart’s content! (All blends are supplied with the instructions you will need to be able to blend them). If you need guidance about which blends would suit your “nose”, then take Scenterprises’ Scent Personality Quiz and select and purchase the perfume blends recommended by your olfactory profile. Also, join Scenterprises’ Perfume Club (membership is free) and be inspired by Fragrance Expert, Sue Phillips and you will see a list of her Original Perfume Formulas to get you started.

Blends start from just $25.00 for 5ml – so with four blends ($100), you can design a bespoke perfume just for YOU, and fit for any star or celebrity. (Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have both created their own bespoke fragrances with Sue). Wow your friends and family with your creative skills! Use coupon code aug2016 to receive a 10% discount on your blends (offer valid until end August 2016). All Scenterprises’ Perfume Blends are made with the highest quality ingredients and are available only from Scenterprises™. Get started now and become a perfumer – Purchase Perfume Blends here. Thank you for your interest in the wonderful world of Perfume and for becoming a fellow PERFUMISTA!!!

Tháng 6 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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