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So grateful for this lovely testimonial regarding my recent talk entitied
The Art of Scent hosted by The National Arts Club:

Written Testimonials

Sue, Thank you for sharing your expertise with us yesterday. I am grateful to you for your time. You truly have a gift. I look forward to meeting you again soon!
Ursula K

May 25, 2020, ★★★★★

Dear Sue,
 Your presentation on Saturday was brilliant.  Thank you for generously sharing your creativity.  You are escential!!!
 Looking forward to future meetings and collaboration.
 Smiles and Peace
Georga A

May 24, 2020, ★★★★★

Good to meet everyone! Thank you Sue for that fun, informative y’all about fragrance. Can’t wait to one day meet up and smell all those wonderful scents. It’d be interesting to compare essential oils with your high-quality perfume fragrances.  Sorry to miss next week, maybe I can share what I learn a bit from IAMM conference in 2 weeks!
Liz T

May 23, 2020, ★★★★★

Hi Sue.
It was a pleasure meeting you, & all the other exceptional ladies yesterday that dear Alice has brought together. 
I also enjoyed what you shared about your life & how you’ve made the most out of the opportunities that came your way, even when you doubted them at first. It seems to me that you have several books in you. I think you said you’ve written some, but I’m not sure whether they’re specifically about your life – I hope at least one of them is.  I have a confession to make, when we all took the quiz I was skeptical as to how accurate the results might be. So when it unequivocally pinpointed my favorite scent I immediately began tucking into my invisible humble pie. The quiz is very clever, it’s a fun endeavor that’s also quite specific. It relaxes you into not thinking too much, allowing one to make instinctual choices, I like that.  Thank you for your very interesting presentation & graceful presence. Look forward to seeing/hearing you next week.
Have a beautiful weekend.
Marsha B.

May 24, 2020, ★★★★★

Once again, thank you, Sue, for that amazing presentation. For those of you that weren’t there, Sue had us choose our preferences from a selection of images such as different types of houses, countrysides, actors and paintings to define what attracts us, personally. The A’s in each series represent Woodsy
sensations, the B’s Freshness, the C’s Floral and the D’s Spicy. After answering the 12 questions, we add up the quantity of A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s to make our own personal scent. Mine were; 2 A’s, 4 B’s, 3 C’s and 3 D’s. A gorgeous mixture of fresh, woodsy, floral and spicy; another step towards self-discovery. I’m sure Sue would be delighted to help you make you your own.
Alice D

May 25, 2020, ★★★★★

Sue Phillips is the premier custom fragrance designer. She is always gracious, professional and kind. She can guide you to create the most perfect perfume for you. Planning a time to be at The Scentarium will give you a unique experience. You can do it on your own or share with dear friends or family.
Robin Scarella


Sue is fabulous! She is very informative and the fragrance experience is one of a kind. You feel even more luxurious and decadent than you would imagine! It’s a big confidence builder, knowing you have a fragrance that’s uniquely yours!!!!
Wanda Ellett

G45 Consulting, ★★★★★

Hi Sue. Keep going with this. I assume you are doing it home. Congratulations. By the way, the last photo I saw of you was gorgeous and so was the young lady in the photo with you. I wasn’t sure whether she was your daughter or a staff person. Oh, with this new system of actors doing readings from home with Zoom in which people are presented individually in arranged squares on the screen, would you be interested, in the future, in doing a play from your home?
Rudy Gray


Tremendous amount of years’ experience, impeccable work skills and unique product line!
Alexxys Desmonie

Modern Arts Packaging, ★★★★★

Sue always shows her enthusiasm and dedication to her products and
David Kaminsky

David A. Kiminsky & Associates P.C., ★★★★★

I received my bespoke perfume yesterday and I LOVE IT! You are a fragrance master, the notes are delicious and the feather you attached is amazing. Ahhhh such a breath of fresh air to have a custom fragrance that’s so beautiful!
Tonia Scott


This was one of the most amazing experiences ever in creating a perfume. Sue was so amazing, knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the process and guiding us through it. Her expertise is incredible! I absolutely loved my scent and I’m getting so many compliments on it daily. Will definitely try this again! Thanks, Sue for everything!
Maureen Ontiveros


Hi Sue,
Just wanted to say thank you for the great event. My residents had a great time. They enjoyed your presentation and their perfumes. Our Bayonne property should be contacting soon.
Kathleen Hendricks


Greetings Sue:

I hope this email finds you exceedingly well. I’ve been enjoying immensely the beautiful Fragrance that you created for me and I have gotten many compliments on the magic that the fragrance carries. It was love at first scent.😂

When things calm down and I come to New York I look forward to us working together to find ways to continue to bring about positivity through the use of your Genius in through fragrances.

Please continue to take good care of yourself and I look forward to speaking to you or seeing you soon.

Obba Babatunde


My name is Sandy Kapetanovich, I recently learned about Sue’s boutique and all of her fine fragrances through “google”. I have to admit, at first, I was concern if this was all legit – I was praying that it was. After speaking with Sue and taking the quiz online, I realized everything was authentic which then, I became even more excited of the privilege of having this unique experience. In my opinion, every person should have “their own perfume”. It’s captured for “YOU”.

My signature scent is SO beautiful “LADY K 35!”.

Thank you Sue, for creating my perfume for my 35th Birthday! I received so many compliments last night. I feel glamorous!!!

Sue, you are AMAZING. Thank you for your exceptional professionalism and a memorable customer service experience. I will be reordering my perfume.

Sandy Kapetanovich


Good day Sue,

Thank you so much! You are a STAR! Loved working with you. We all had a wonderful time and appreciate the fragrance experience like never before! Thank you for the good vibes and love of what you do, it was acknowledged and the group loved it!

Jeannie Justus


Dear Sue,
Thank you very much for your presentation at in-cosmetics Latin America and thank you for travelling all the way to Sao Paulo. Your presentation was excellent and we all thought your content was very well executed. I am pleased to learn that you received emails of people who enjoyed it. I really enjoyed your presentation, it was full of passion, history and inspiration.
Rana Khoury


Sue, I just wanted to thank you again. The perfume bar was a big hit. So happy I found you. Thanks again for everything. It
was well worth it.


Hello Sue:

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to watch the “Art of Scent’ online presentation & discussion hosted by the National Arts Club. Bravo! It was just wonderful from start to finish…so organized and beautifully presented. Simply a great introduction to the world of fragrance! And you were superb, as always.

Wishing you much success with your book, The Power of Perfume. I’m sure many fragrance enthusiasts have already placed their orders!

With warmest wishes,

Mary Ellen Lapsansky

Co-Founder of Perfumed Plume, LLC, ★★★★★

“Sue is the world renowned #QueenOfFragrance and her book delivers such a compelling and fascinating history on the subject! I learned so much and couldn’t put it down. I love how she interwove poems and quotes (Marilyn, Coco Chanel, Proust, Confucious, Vreeland) for the esprit they bring to the subject, and the facts (Chanel No. 5 is 100 years old this year!) and definitions (“aldehyde” derivation) layered in for their insights, context and information. I’ve been in the industry for many years but after reading Sue’s book I am all the more enamored and educated about the world of Fragrance.

I’ve had the pleasure of wearing Sue’s custom blend perfumes and am obsessed with her Modern Rose Floral for it’s complex sensuality, the memories it evokes for me, and “sillage” it creates for others, all explained in the book.
In conclusion, I highly recommend Sue’s fascinating book and her exquisite perfumes. She is a genuinely amazing woman who empowers others and truly loves to share her knowledge and passion with the world. We just have to indulge in its luxury.”

Heather Fink

CEO - “The Sexiest Beauty”, ★★★★★