Deluxe Scent Healing Kit

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The Deluxe Scent Healing Kit is used in conjunction with our Scent Healing Video Consultation or with me in person in NY or via Zoom to explore and experience an
interactive, educational Scentertaining™ fragrance journey and to “smell with your brain”.

This includes 18 high-quality beautiful, complex high-quality perfumes, spanning the entire olfactive palette: Citrus, Green, Aldehydic, Woodsy, Spicy, Musky, Fruity, Mossy, Herbaceous, Ozonic; Fresh Floral, Rose Floral, Floral Floral, Heady Floral, Gentle Floral, Tonic Sport, Amber, Balsamic Vanilla. These perfumes will stimulate your brain which will entice your olfactory bulb to open up the neuro pathways to connect with your brain. While we have had very successful results, we never guarantee 100% success rate, because everyone is different. Our testimonials have been extraordinarily positive and people have been able to smell again, and those suffering from Anosmia, Parosmia and Dysgeusia have had positive results. 

Anosmia sufferers practice “Train Your Brain” with our deluxe Scent Healing Kit including a range of beautiful perfumes to immerse yourself into “smelling with your brain”. Whether you choose to get the scent healing consultation video (recorded by me) or schedule a Zoom session or a private in-person consultation with me in NY it is important that there are no disturbances and that you are in a safe quiet place; no dogs barking or phones ringing. We help you engage the neuro pathways to help the Anosmia.

See pricing options for the different consultations below. 

Scent Healing Video Consultation Link

Watch the Scent Healing video on your own and evaluate 18
perfumes and follow the prompts. You receive the video link with purchase. 1 hour. Deluxe Scent Healing Kit $250 + Scent Healing Video $150 plus tax and processing. Free shipping for U.S. orders over $150.

Zoom Scent Healing Consultation Session with Sue

The kit will be shipped to you, and we schedule a convenient date. 1 – 1⁄2 hours. Zoom Consultation with Sue $650 + Scent Kit $250 plus tax and processing. Free shipping for U.S. orders over $150.

In-person Scent Healing Consultation with Sue

Sue takes you on a Scent Healing “journey” and helps you evaluate all 18 blends. You can create your own Fragrance, valued at $195 (included) and have the option to purchase the Scent Healing kit for $250. In-person Scent Healing Consultation with Sue $850.


If you are struggling with your sense of smell, please contact us ASAP. We are happy to help you to rediscover your most powerful sense.

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