It's officially time to haul your booties out from under the bed, drop off your favorite coat at the dry cleaner, wrap yourself up in a cozy scarf, and pick out a new fragrance to wear all season long. That's why we enlisted the help of perfume gurus to detail the top Fall fragrance trends and dish on fresh launches to help you narrow down your (many) choices.
"Traditionally, Fall is a time when we want darker, woodsier, patchouli scents, reminding us of gatherings around the crackling fireplace, sipping brandy or mulled wine, and crisp mornings with glorious colors of foliage," said Sue Phillips, a fragrance trend forecaster. It's true that scents tend to lean warmer in the colder months, but this isn't a roundup of the same old stuff you see year after year. Both indie and mass perfumers have become increasingly clever and experimental with their scents, and the trends outlined ahead are proof of that.
juni 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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