Have you always wanted to create your own perfume? Do you sometimes struggle to find the perfume that really reflects how you feel? Well - now with Scenterprises' on line interactive perfume making process - you can design your very own personalized perfume in just a few minutes! Sue Phillips of Scenterprises has created a unique Scent Personality Profile quiz and by answering to a series of questions that reflect your lifestyle, your answers will create a template for your own customized perfume!  How fabulous is that? You will then be sent your Bespoke Fragrance with the name and bottle you selected – and voila – your very own personalized perfume! Not only is this a fun and fabulous way to express your individuality – but you will receive a beautiful, exquisite perfume actually designed by .....YOU!! Why not create yourself a unique summer perfume?  Go on a give it a try - at $55 for a 15 ml bottle, it's a wonderful way to treat yourself this summer.

Design your own fragrance here.

juni 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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