Father's Day is always on the third Sunday in June; a day on which fathers are particularly honored by their children, especially with gifts and greeting cards. Despite the enormous recent tragedy, we are still in the USA where celebrating life, love, freedom and fatherhood is a day to honor our loved ones. This Father's Day we are offering our unique Introductory Fragrance kit for men everywhere to reflect their personality and individuality with a glorious Custom fragrance and shall be donating 10% of our proceeds to Alzheimer's Foundation so that we NEVER forget what happened, and we can make a small difference through Fragrance. Men typically love sporty refreshing vibrant colognes that remind them of the brisk outdoors; woodsy creamy, sensual notes of Sandalwood, and warm oriental amber buttery ingredients that remind them of  bucolic surroundings. Imagine a stunning combination of all them to have a completely unique Fragrance? If you are not sure which notes the dad in your life likes, let him take our Scent Personality Test   https://scenterprise.wpengine.com/scent-personality-quiz/  We’ll create a signature scent that reflects his individuality and personality.

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juni 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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