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Backstage at the Pre-Emmy’s Gifting Suite with Guest Editor Sue Phillips

 By Sue Phillips Last week in LA was EMMY fever! Gifting Suites were the place to be with Celebs, publicists, photographers, media and handlers walking the ‘red carpet,’ and entertainers guiding the activities and doling out the incredible SWAG bags for all nominees. Celebrity Connected was one of the more popular Gifting Suites and I was thrilled to participate with our beautiful perfume blends and to launch our Sue Phillips House of Fragrance collection. We set up the Fragrance Display with four specially custom blended complex fragrance creations – Fresh, Floral, Woodsy, Amber and the response was fantastic. Typically I would have thought that Californians would have loved the “FRESH” family, but in this instance the general consensus for Women and Men was that our “Woodsy” and “Amber” blends were the most requested. 
Susan Sarandon actually loved the combination of Woodsy and Amber, while Shanola Hampton, Pamela Jean Noble and so many others loved FLORALS and FRESH. The atmosphere was alive with excitement , loud music, fabulous give-aways, bottles of champagne ‘on the go’ , ice slurpees, and so many other fabulous gifts. I learned a new term e.g. ‘SLATES’ -which are the people who display the pictures of the nominees on slates, with the name of their shows, so that media and all the vendors know who they are! One thing was clear, both men and women were fascinated with our Fragrance Selection and loved the interactive activity and ‘experience’ of evaluating our different Fragrance Families and ultimately selecting the one they really loved. So much so, that I received a call from the president of a major company wanting to create fragrances for his employees! Ahhh! The power of Fragrance!
juni 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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