…for yourself, your body and your friends – by Sue Phillips

Fall Colours can be reflected in your custom perfume[/caption] Summer is almost over and there is nothing better than a change of season to treat yourself and those around you to something special ….. So, here are some ‘TREAT TIPS’ Treat yourself to a unique perfume, give yourself a new body makeover or do something special for a friend or loved one.

Summer Citrus Notes[/caption] Treat yourself to a unique fragrance experience. Scent unlocks your hidden powers by allowing you to change your persona according to your moods. After a summer of youthful, flirty and girly scents, do you still love lively fresh, uplifting, sparkling scents with ingredients such as zesty lemon, tangy lime, sweet bergamot and verbena, with a hint of lily and rose?

Sensual Floral notes[/caption] Or are you now ready to create a new custom scent to celebrate your Fall personality? Typically Fall fragrances are slightly bolder with beautiful floral notes of jasmine, gardenia and ylang-ylang, combined with sensual, creamy sandalwood, clean musks and a dry-down of smouldering patchouli and oakmoss. This is the new you – alluring, sensual, intense, distinctive and in control of your feminine powers.

Beautiful earthy mossy notes[/caption] Change your persona through scent and let your perfume be as unique as you are. Treat yourself, create a unique custom scent that reflects the new you! To create your very own perfume, all you need are some perfume blends. Treat your body and look terrific!  Want to give yourself a body makeover? Exfoliate your skin by pampering yourself to a wonderful Spa day and luxuriate in the relaxed new YOU. Treat a friend or a loved one by doing something special and go the extra mile! Offer to babysit, or to go shopping for a friend or loved one who is unable to.

juni 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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