Happy Spring!!  Hope this finds you well. 

Some of you may know this already but I am thrilled to be nominated as an HONOREE for the TJ MARTELL FOUNDATION’S WOMEN OF INFLUENCE Luncheon at the Plaza Hotel on May 13. It is such an honor to be chosen by an organization that is so altruistic, and which raises funds for such a worthy cause. Tony Martell is now retired from the music industry, but it was through Music that gave him the impetus to keep a promise to his son to find a cure for cancer, and today the TJ Martell Foundation has raised over $270 million for leukemia, cancer and AIDS research. Music is so fundamental to my wellbeing, too, as it is one of the joys of life and I grew up in South Africa, surrounded by music and art, inspired by mother.  Imagine a world without Music? Imagine a life without any of the Senses? That is why I am so honored to be chosen as a Woman of Influence because it is through the Senses that we can help people bring about positive change; bring HAPPINESS to those in need of it, and also to find a cure through the Senses for these terrible diseases. It is humbling to be honored and to be in the company of so many other remarkable women, and it only makes me want to work even more effectively and strategically to strive to make a greater difference. I know that many of you won’t be able to attend, but I wanted you to know that it is through my passion and love for the work I do in Fragrance that I believe this has come about, and so I am excited to share this with you. Of course, if you can make a donation or attend, it would be wonderful and so appreciated, as it is for an excellent cause, Warmest wishes, Scentfully Sue Phillips Invitation  

6월 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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