Fragrance expert Sue Phillips will be introducing her new fragrance kits, the Sue Phillips House of Fragrance Ménage à Trois kits, Sparkling Citrus, and Glamorous Floral, at the Indie Beauty Expo in NYC on August 22-24 at 550 Washington St. New York, NY 10014. At the Beauty Expo, Sue will be displaying all of her original scents, along with her new fragrance kits, which will be released for this Holiday season 2017. Priced at $145 SRP, they will be available at and select speciality stores.

The Sue Phillips Ménage à Trois kits will include a Signature Scent consisting of an exquisite Sparkling Citrus plus three Perfume Enhancers, which can be sprayed and layered over each other so that you can create and enhance your own unique fragrance daily, depending on your mood or the occasion. The second kit is Glamorous Floral plus three different Perfume Enhancers, which can be worn alone or layered several times for day and night scents.

“Embrace and enhance your moods for any occasion– from day to night – innocent to sultry – fresh to captivating with our Signature Scents and exquisite Perfume Enhancers” suggests Sue Phillips.

Each bottle comes with a unique Signature perfume, and each one is specially crafted so that any combination complements each other. The perfumes are bottled in beautifully crafted 20 ml “swivel” atomizers, in chic black and gold with the 3 Perfume Enhancers in 8 ml, and available in gold, black, and silver, and will feature the Sue Phillips signature logo.

“My mission is to take fragrance OUT of the bottle and to create a magical perfume experience for my clients ….. drop by drop” says Sue Phillips. “Why wear what everyone else wears, when you can create your own?”

Sue Phillips has extensive experience consulting with brands, helping them create their own perfumes, and has worked for leading fragrance companies in executive positions such as Elizabeth

Interviews with Sue Phillips are available upon request at the Indie Beauty Expo. She has appeared on HSN and TV discussing Fragrance Trends and is a leading Fragrance Expert and Adjunct Professor at LIM college.

About Sue Phillips House of Fragrance:

Sue Phillips, President & CEO established Scenterprises Inc, a global fragrance consulting company, and as Celebrities turn to the “Selfie”era, Sue recognized that customization was going to be the next fragrance trend, and created The Scentarium in TriBeCa in 2014, a luxurious perfumery and ‘oasis’ in the heart of the city, where you can create your own scent. Sue walks you through the entire perfume-making process, from taking her olfactory personality quiz to guiding you on a ‘fragrance journey to discover all her original and exquisite scents, to help you create the perfect “bespoke” scent for you.

Although many A-listers have visited The Scentarium (including Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes, Won-G Bruno, Zendaya, Snooki and JWoww, Dirk Nowitzki, Lisa Vanderpump, as well as Reality Bloggers and Fortune 500 clients,) you don’t need to be a celebrity to make your own perfume. Sue Phillips believes that your perfume should be as unique as you are, for men and women, and that fragrance helps reflect your mood and creates memories. Sue is also committed to helping raise awareness about Alzheimer’s and has presented many fund-raising initiatives to help eradicate this disease, and to link the connection to Memory and Emotion through Scent.

Arden, Lancôme Paris, and Tiffany. As Vice President of Tiffany, she created “Tiffany,” “Tiffany for Men,” and as General Manager for Royal Brands created “Society” by Burberry, and “Burberry for Men” fragrances. Sue also developed the original three eponymous Trish McEvoy fragrances, and has developed brands for Avon, Diane Von Furstenberg, Lancaster and many other fragrance initiatives.
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