Companies, Brands, and Fragrance Lovers contact Sue Phillips to develop, create or duplicate fragrances for corporations or personal use. Sue created and developed fragrances for many iconic brands: e.g. Tiffany & Co., where she spearheaded the fragrance development and brand creation for TIFFANY - the company’s iconic perfume for their 150th anniversary. It became the most profitable launch and brand in the company’s history. Other fragrances:
  • Sue developed the fragrance and brand positioning for “Society by Burberry” and “Society by Burberry for Men”, which launched globally.
  • Sue collaborated with Trish McEvoy and created and developed the packaging and the first three fragrances for Trish McEvoy.
  • As Project Leader for Avon’s Fragrance and Avon Wellness initiative, Sue developed fragrances for Diane von Furstenberg “Surroundings by DVF”; “Beauty Begins at Home” Candle Collection; “Avon Air Freshener ‘Air so Clear’; and Avon’s Home Fragrance business
  • Sue has created Custom Fragrances for celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes, Lisa Vanderpump, Zendaya, as well as thousands of men & women who love fragrances.
  • Sue is asked to duplicate many fragrances that have been discontinued and has been successful in achieving this goal.
Contact Sue for all your fragrance creation needs at Sue Phillips' resume    
6월 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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