If you've ever wanted to design your own fragrance, well now you can with Sue Phillips House of Fragrance Perfume blends - available from both Scenterprises and The Scentarium. With Sue Phillips House of Fragrance Perfume Blends - you can very easily create THREE PERFUMES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! Discover how...... The first stage is to purchase four of the Perfumes Blends. In this case study, we recommend purchasing: Fresh Floral - beautiful Lily of the Valley with lemon, jasmine and rose is a soft, sophisticated blend that is both elegant and refined. Crisp Green - this is a mouthwatering blend of fresh cut flowers and newly mowed grass - tantalising, delicious and juicy. [caption earthy mossy[/caption] Breezy Ozonic - this blend will take you away to relaxing sea shores with warm sandy beaches and sun kissed waves - relaxing and refreshing. Earthy Mossy - enticing scents from deep wooded glades with sensual sandalwood, oak-moss and exotic patchouli - resins and woodland florals - calming, soothing and rather erotic! So how do you use these blends?
  • Firstly mix the Crisp Green with the Breezy Ozonic - this will produce an exciting, fresh, sporty clean scent which is perfect for a relaxing weekend.
  • Secondly, mix Crisp Green with Breezy Ozonic with Fresh Floral - this will produce a fabulous feminine powerful scent ideal for the office to keep you feeling and smelling delectable all day.
  • Thirdly, mix Crisp Green with Breezy Ozonic, Fresh Floral and Earthy Mossy - this will transform your scent into a warm, sensual and exotic evening perfume - soft and enticing to allure those gentlemen!!!
When you purchase the Perfume Blends - they come will all the equipment you will need to create  your very own perfumes as above, as well as a full set of instructions - and a record card - so you can write down what you create and so re-create it whenever you want. Discover the art of creating your very own perfume - and express your individuality. It's fun, interesting and means you will never smell like any one else ever again! BUY PERFUME BLENDS NOW  
6월 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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