Do you find that sometimes your favorite body lotion clashes with your favorite scent? Well now with the Scentarium Custom Scents that you create - you can now also order a perfume body moisturizer containing your own custom scent so you will smell simply wonderful all over! The Perfume Blends made to create your very own bespoke perfume with the Scentarium are very high quality, refined and where possible natural scents which when combined together to YOUR creation produce a beautiful and unique scent that represents your lifestyle and your perfume preferences. Creating your own perfume is really easy - you can do it on line here and once you've created and named your special perfume - you can then order your Bespoke Body Moisturizer with the same perfume here.  At Scenterprises, we believe in a holistic approach to lifestyles and lifestyle choices and if you really enjoy making quality products for yourself, then why not visit the Positive Health and Well-being blogs and find out about other body care products you can make for yourself.
6월 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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