Stop by The Scentarium - New York's 'oasis' in the heart of Manhattan. Say hello and have a glass of bubbly!
December 17 from 6-9pm
Location: 85 Franklin St in Tribeca, NYC
Do you like Fresh, Floral, Woodsy or Oriental Fragrances? Discover which you prefer and receive a deluxe sample of the Fragrance Family you love... You will also have the opportunity to create your own Custom Fragrances for you, friends and loved ones at "preferred pricing" for the Holidays (limited time only). Further learn Sue Phillips secret for magnificent looking skin for the holidays as she introduces the new fabulous product line she is using.
The wonderful perfume blends will be highlighted and complemented with a delicious Mulberry Juice Green Tea from MULBERRY LOVE - a revolutionary superfruit drink. Rich in antioxidants and natural ingredients shown to help boost immunity, ignite brain power, and hydrate your body; this refreshing blend of mulberry juice and coconut water tastes delicious too. Enjoy mulberry fruity green tea and pair it with our fresh aromatic Green Perfume Blend with notes of Green Tea, Green Grass and a hint of HyacinthAnd everyone wants a little sweetness at the Holidays!
If you feel like warming up in the cold winter weather, have a glass of wine from XVExclusives and The Most Romantic Wine. XV Exclusives, Inc. is an importer and distributor of fine luxury wines. Some of The World's best wines will be posted and followed here on this fanpage. The Most Romantic Wine is an Exclusive Collection of Icewines designed to bring the romance back into wine. Distinctive characteristics from each varietal evoke a different taste profile and emotion. These rich, flavorful nectars will be a wine that can be paired with your mood not just your food. Discerning consumers will appreciate the promise of this collection.
Taste Scrumptious Tasty Cupcake bites from Destinas Cream Bakery - Red Velvet Holiday Cupcakes; Smooth Warm Vanilla cupcake bites, and Go for broke Chocolate brownie! Yummy, delicious, aromatic and pair them with our Rose Fragrance, Sensuous Balsamic Vanilla blend and see how taste and flavor are enhanced by their fabulous aromas and enjoy a "SCENTSORY" EXPERIENCE!
Treats by BRAAITIME. The brand makes Authentic South African style Biltong...inspired by an old family recipe on his wife's families side. Biltong is a 400 year old traditional South African beef snack, cured in a unique and highly nutritious way.
The most exquisite garments will be available at The Scentarium from Y by Yasmina byYasmina Rana - designer of exquisite custom garments from Nepal. This emphasis on workmanship has shaped her approach to design. When such care is lavished on a garment, it is beautiful inside and out - reversible. Her effervescent creativity pushes the potential of the garment further still. A skirt is no longer just reversible. It is also a dress, a poncho, a top… Ultimately, it is an invitation to play. Yasmine has received honors in Nepal for her entrepreneurship and her work with women’s organizations such as Tewa, Dhaka Weaves and Sabah Nepal. She participated in Couture Fashion Week 2014 in New York City where she is now based. First from her Kathmandu boutique and then internationally, she has worked directly with several thousand customers in designing custom garments.  She channels decades of experience into ready-to-wear pieces that help women with various body types look and feel their best. From the very beginning, Yasmine’s unwavering sense of quality led her to form her own manufacturing unit in Nepal. Each artisan has been trained by her personally to achieve all the marks of impeccable tailoring.  Her pieces are finished with refinement, featuring couture detailing such as binding and hand-sewn buttonholes.
Come and enjoy this Scentertaining TM experience with us!
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*The Scentarium reserves all right to deny entrance to guests not dressed appropriatly or guests who are acting
ways, which are not appropriate for event.
85 Franklin St (lower level) - New York, NY 10013 - View Map
6月 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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