Sitting here in the recent Autumn chill as the days of Summer draw to a close and the early hints of Fall appear – I thought I'd create myself a bespoke perfume for Fall to cheer myself up and make me feel special at this time of year. So – here is my perfume recipe: Earthy Mossy Perfume Blend (Deep notes of oak moss with woods, leather and rich florals - it’s like an Enchanted Forest! Honey, jasmine rose, bergamot, sandalwood, sweet resins, patchouli, Labdanum styrax – sensual and sophisticated). Rose Floral Perfume Blend (An exquisite exotic, modern, desirable rose floral with wild rose and Turkish rose otto. This rose blend is fascinating and attractive and not your grand-mother’s rose. It includes Moroccan rose violet, cognac, clove and violet. Crisp Green Perfume Blend (The aroma of fresh cut green grass, with green leaves, green grass, prairies and meadows, and a hint of sweet Hyacinth, green lemon, green teas.  Crisp and natural – modern and fresh.) My creation is warming, sensual and comforting yet fresh, with beautiful rose and violet florals surrounded by freshly cut stems and held together with a deep earthy note. Perfect for Fall. To create your own Fall scent, why not purchase these Perfume Blends from Scenterprises' web site and create your very own custom scent for Fall. (Full instructions supplied with the blends) Purchase blends here. Alternatively, you can use Scenterprises' unique on line design service and create your very own fragrance on line. Details here . 

Sue Phillips offers one to one Custom Scent Experiences where you can learn all about the art of perfumery and create your own custom scent with the guiding hand of Sue. Book a Custom Scent Experience here.

6月 22, 2022 — Sue Phillips

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