Fragrance Events for Personal and Corporate Initiatives

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April is the start of wonderful Fragrance events for Personal and Corporate initiatives!

April 9

Corporate Appreciation and Fragrance event at The Scentarium – where everyone will discover their Olfactive Personality and based on the results will create their Own Custom Scent.

April 10

Sue Phillips is the keynote speaker at The Greenwich Garden Club in Connecticut and will share a ‘scentsory’ expression about scents and flowers.

Sue will highlight ingredients that are used in flowers and will take members on a ‘fragrance discovery’ to learn about the magic of Scent and flowers.

April 19

PINTEREST “KNIT CON” – Sue Phillips will be offering a Discovery and Training workshop for all Pinterest employees to celebrate “Knit Con” – their worldwide event for all employees who will learn about what their fragrance says about them and discovering their unique personal fragrance expression.


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